Our experienced trainers will make sure that every training is intense and effective. Usually, a training session combines strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Our training is adequate for beginners as well as for advanced athletes. Classes last for 60 minutes and take place all year around, regardless of the weather. Only severe weather conditions will stop us!

We meet 5 minutes prior to the class's begin. There are no storage facilities, make sure to bring a back pack with you to carry your belongings. Don't forget to bring a towel, water, and adequate sports gear depending on the weather.

Meeting points: S-Bahnhof Bellevue/Bartningallee (Chart 1) | Fasanerieallee/Spanische Botschaft  (Chart 2)
Grass field in front of Schloss Bellevue (Chart 3) | Bridge at Schleusenkrug/Unterschleuse (Chart 4)

Bootcamp Training

The Tiergarten is our training facility! It offers everything that we need for an effective training: benches, stairs, walls and grass fields. This 'freestyle' training consists of jogging and several workouts combining different functional exercises performed with your own body weight or Therabands.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a fast-paced class in which you do one exercise for a specific period of time and then move on to another exercise in a series of different stations or pieces of equipment like: TRX, kettlebells, sandbag, battle ropes, etc. Usually, the resting period between exercises is very short. This kind of training will help you to build strength and improve your endurance!